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Focus Photography Tours


original concept & branding

Focus is a photography tour company that provides beginner and intermediate photographers with the utmost quality travel photography experience. Through services that teach shooting styles in various environments or how to choose the appropriate equipment, the goal at Focus is to perfect techniques for photographers to achieve their best travel photos.

The tours are offered in three different U.S. cities that have high tourism and visually appealing attractions that are ideal for travel photography. Tour locations include Houston, Chicago, and New York. The tours last approximately three hours. 

The idea behind Focus emerged upon the owner's return from a month-long summer trip in Europe. People became interested in how the photographer shot and edited a wide variety of photos from different scenarios, locations, and times of day. This inspired the photographer to want to help others take beautiful photos while traveling and pushed the idea into forming a photography tour company that specializes in teaching specific techniques to get "the shot" in-camera and limit the photographers' time editing. 

identity: The primary trademark is a logotype made of a single typeface paired with an icon replacing the "O" in Focus. The icon of a city structure references the company's headquarters in Houston, Texas. 

color and typography:

sub-brand iconography: A set of sub-brand icons were required for the Focus brand to differentiate the three tour locations. Each icon is a structure from each city: Houston, Chicago, and New York. Uses for the sub-brand icons include location-specific advertising and social media.