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Happy Tails

Happy Tails

original concept & package design

Overview: Happy Tails is a concept that was inspired by the designer and the many travels she shares with her four-legged companion. When traveling when her dog, several products are necessary and often aren't available while on the go. Items include extra waste bags, portable food and water bowls that don't occupy much space, and plenty of treats or food. Whether you are taking a quick hike or spending hours in a car, this set of canine travel accessories is beneficial to have with you and doesn't take up much space.

the challenge: The challenge was to create a set of three sustainable products that function effectively as a set, housed in a single package that contains all three products. The product names couldn't be pre-existing and had to conceptually relate to the three products and their packaging.

creative solution: Once the name Happy Tails was decided, the products and their package design were narrowed down and named. Since Happy Tails is a set of products created for canine travel (specifically outdoors), the decision was made to design the packaging to have a "green" and natural appearance and feel, inspired by traveling and being outdoors.

trademark: The trademark is a logotype that was created with two complimentary typefaces and a graphic. The arm of the "T" was manipulated to create a mark of a dog's tail. Uses of the logo include display on the overall housing unit of the three separate products, advertising, and stationery.

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