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Rooster's Steakhouse

Rooster's Steakhouse & BBQ

restaurant rebrand, web, photography, & social media

Rooster's Steakhouse and BBQ is a family-owned restaurant that first opened it's doors in 1977. Located in Baytown, Texas, it is a local favorite that serves specialty steaks cut in-house, mouth-watering barbecue, and their infamous award-winning "Rooster Burger". The atmosphere is welcoming with a friendly waitstaff, and the interior is lined with historical Baytown memorabilia. One wall, known as "Wayne's Wall", is covered in John Wayne memorabilia from the movie Hellfighters. John Wayne was the lead star and several scenes were shot near Rooster's. Many customers can recall meeting Wayne during the production of the movie.

When the owner, Lowell Cox, was still very active in Rooster's, he would always welcome and greet his customers with "Hi, neighbor!" This saying has become well-known for Rooster's and affiliated with the brand. A painted advertisement of his quote is even hung outside the original entrance. Many customers have been visiting Rooster's since they were children and still frequent the restaurant. They can recall stories from their childhood and their experience with Mr. Cox and his warm, friendly personality. One of their fondest memories is how he greeted them with "Hi, neighbor!" and gave them quarters for the gum ball machine. He has always had a goal of making his customers welcome and appreciated in his restaurant.

Rooster's Steakhouse has become and remained a life-long tradition for many Baytown residents. The restaurant's unique history, the owners, and homestyle comfort food draw people in from all over Texas.

Best BBQ in town!

the problem: Rooster's has upheld the same branding since they first began operation forty years ago. The current branding is dated and lacking in concept and contemporary design. Customers have had difficulty keeping up with new information regarding the restaurant including daily specials, new additions or changes to the menu, and catering.

creative solution: With a new location and building development in the near future, Rooster's Steakhouse is currently undergoing a rebrand with the City of Baytown that will be contemporary but will still convey the history of the restaurant. This will include a conceptually stronger logo, a new menu design, contextual food and product photography, and a social media presence to keep loyal customers connected.

color: A simple color palette with a distinct red has always been apart of the Rooster's Steakhouse brand. The red is an appropriate contrast to pair with the black and subtle gray.

trademark development: A new logo was required for the Rooster's brand due to the previous logo being dated, inconsistent, and it displaying too much information for a logo design. The top logo is the previous logo for Rooster's. A new trademark was developed with contemporary elements but still includes rustic qualities to reference the history of Rooster's Steakhouse. In comparison to the previous logo, the new design simplified, showing only necessary information. Included in the restaurant's new branding is to drop "Steakhouse & BBQ" in the name and just title the restaurant "Rooster's". A new rooster mark was designed to be more cohesive with the new renovations the restaurant is set to undergo and the curves were specifically created to mimic flames to reference heat and fire from the restaurant's kitchen and barbecue pit. 

typography: A historic, traditional, and iconic brand like Rooster's Steakhouse required a typeface that has rustic qualities, paired with an secondary typeface that is more contemporary.

Addison West Drop has a subtle rustic texture to mimic the same qualities of the rooster mark. Acumin Pro Condensed was an appropriate typeface to pair with Addison West Drop due to it's condensed and elongated height.

social media marketing: A social media presence for Rooster's Steakhouse was required to keep customers more engaged with the restaurant. Online posts include marketing for daily lunch and dinner specials, discounts, and menu changes such as featured or new additions. Since Rooster's gained a social media presence on both Facebook and Instagram a little over a year ago, sales have increased, traffic has increased on the website, and customers have become more engaged with the restaurant. This also provides an appropriate place for customers to write reviews on their dining experience and share photos from their visit at Rooster's.

Preslie Cox is the content creator for the social media posts and photography for Rooster's Steakhouse. She works daily to engage with customers online by posting lunch and dinner specials, responding to customer reviews and messages, and sharing new photography for the restaurant.

menu design: A new new menu layout and design was required to establish a more effective hierarchy with typography and information. The design is contemporary with a layout that is organized, legible, and easy for customers to navigate. 

Building History: Rooster's building, considered a historical site by the City of Baytown, has always been a restaurant ever since it was first constructed in 1928, when it was named Harbour's Cafe, owned and operated by Glen and Lecile Harbour. Upon Glen's return from WWII, he opened a barbecue stand on the corner of Texas Ave. and N. Main. and soon transformed it into a full-blown restaurant. The black and white photo below is the only surviving photo of the exterior of Harbour's Cafe. Harbour's unforgettable barbecue was smoked the night before and served the following day alongside freshly grown vegetables. The Cox Family had full intentions of keeping it a restaurant when they purchased the building in 1977.

  Left Photo :  Harbour's Cafe , 1928.  Right Photo :  The Derrick Room  (same location as the left photo), 2017.

Left Photo: Harbour's Cafe, 1928. Right Photo: The Derrick Room (same location as the left photo), 2017.

food and product photography: Professional photography for Rooster's Steakhouse is a fairly new addition to the restaurant. Photos of food including lunch and dinner specials, interior and exterior photos of the restaurant, and contextual photos of the staff and customers are taken about every other month. Photos are used for the restaurant's website, local print advertisements, and social media marketing.