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Wanderer Bohemian Boutique


rebrand & photography

Wanderer is a brand new bohemian boutique located in Taos, New Mexico. Their merchandise includes boho style apparel, hand-made accessories, and unique home goods for the woman who immerses herself in nature, embraces the open road, and nurtures her creative energy.

Taos is known for the abundance of nomadic artists and craftsmen. It is a place full of peaceful diverse creatives, many who spend their lives on the road traveling, trying to make a living selling their art or unique hand-crafted pieces. Many life a gypsy-like lifestyle, often wondering what and where their next move will be. With so many nomadic and creative people in the city, Taos is an appropriate place for a boutique like Wanderer.

the problem: The current branding, including the logo and website, lacks a firm concept that communicates with customers what the brand is about. Their trademark lacks conceptual creativity and doesn't reflect the brand and lifestyle of a New Mexican bohemian woman.

the solution: Rebranding will be accomplished by new trademark development, custom photography that reflects the bohemian lifestyle, and a website and social media presence with a color palette and typography that will effectively communicate the brand goals.

color palette and typography: A collection of three compliments were chosen, with two darker hues to add contrast. The palette is made up of neutral earthy tones that were inspired by the New Mexican landscape. The dark red-orange was inspired by the richness of New Mexican dirt, with a neutral sand color to compliment it, the inspiration for the teal tones stemmed from the authentic turquoise created by the Native Americans in New Mexico, and the deep grey was inspired by the dark, wide-open, New Mexican night sky. 

trademark development: The current logo for Wanderer is an arrowhead with the word "Wanderer" spelled vertically. The logo is generic, flat, and lacks concept and creativity to reflect the overall brand.

The new logo design is more visually interesting and provides appropriate information about the brand. It is a single-colored, vintage-style badge that was created with two complimentary typefaces and a graphic to reference the enchanted landscape of Taos, New Mexico. This solution is conceptually stronger and portrays the brand in a more effective manner. 

social media marketing: The current social media outlets Wanderer has don't strongly market or advertise the boutique's merchandise. A new social media presence was developed to communicate to customers when new items arrive in the store, when the boutique has specials or discounts, and changes in the boutique's operation hours.

Original design and photography by Preslie Cox.